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Arabic and Hebrew classes

The Three Cultures Foundation offers courses in modern Hebrew and Arabic, both at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Classes are given in afternoons on a term basis....
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Reading club

Tres Con Libros [Three with Books] is more than a reading club, it is a meeting of readers who love literature and enjoy books in a different manner. Besides the usual meetings to comment on chosen works, the club provides an opportunity to share impressions with the authors, illustrators or even the main characters of the selected books. Fill out this form and we will...
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Al-andalus chair

The Three Cultures Foundation holds on the last Thursday of each month a session that considers the various aspects comprising the concept of Al-Andalus as a paradigm of intercultural dialogue. The main goal is to make the “Cátedra Al-Andalus” a space for permanent reflection by means of conferences, talks, book presentations or even film screenings....
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The Three Cultures Foundation hosts at its headquarters nearly a dozen photography, painting, handicraft, urban art and drawing exhibitions every year, among other manifestations. Other exhibitions are meanwhile on tour in various locations, mainly in Andalusia and Morocco....
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The INTREPIDA project (Internationalisation of Female Entrepreneurs from Spain and Portugal toward Insertion, Development and Alliances) is an initiative framed in INTERREG Spain-Portugal (POCTEP 2014-2020) and financed with ERDF funds from the European Union. Its aim is to foster business competitiveness of SMEs run by women in the cross-border region of Andalusia, Algarve and Alentejo, promoting their internationalisation by means of new models for business...
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CARPET (Craft, Art and People Together) is a project led by the Three Cultures Foundation whose partners are entities from Portugal and the United Kingdom, with Morocco as guest country. Its action lines are co-financed by European funds under the Creative Europe programme (2014-2020) and include exhibitions, creator residencies, conferences, studio itineraries and other activities planned with a view to promoting the value of diversity...
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Tres Festival 2018

Although its north and south are often viewed separately, the Mediterranean comprises a historic unity and identity. Its enormous wealth and complexity nevertheless enables one to speak of a single Mediterranean culture with very well defined common features, shared by people of different origins, ideologies and beliefs. That unity is also reflected in a number of shared problems: the current situation of political and economic...
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Mes de la Diversidad Cultural

Por cuarto año consecutivo, Tres Culturas centra el mes de mayo en celebrar la diversidad cultural con música, cina, literatura y otras propuestas.

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We recommend

from 27/03/2018
to 28/04/2018
Book presentation Conference

Tres Festival 2018: ticket reservation

Ya se puede realizar la reserva de invitaciones para el Tres Festival 2018 que tendrá lugar los días 26,27 y

from 07/04/2018
to 13/05/2018

Exhibition ‘Mogador’ by Veronica Gaido and Vito Tongiani

These two artists belonging to different expressive worlds are faced with the objective of telling the atmosphere and life of

from 23/04/2018
to 25/04/2018

Tres Festival. Film cycle

Besides aiming to be a meeting point and forum for debate, the Tres Festival includes in its programme ARTR3S, a

the foundation

Fundación Tres Culturas del Mediterráneo.

Promoting dialogue, peace and coexistence among peoples of the Mediterranean is the guiding principle that guides the activities of this Foundation.

Guided tours

Guided visits to its headquarters, former Pavilion of Morocco during the Universal Exposition of Seville in 1992 and current Hassan II Pavilion.

Guided tours

Guided visits to its headquarters, former Pavilion of Morocco during the Universal Exposition of Seville in 1992 and current Hassan II Pavilion.

Rental of spaces

If you want to rent our facilities please contact us.