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The online version of the Tres con libros reading club obtains a magnificent response from the public

The encounter with Najat El Hachmi on Instagram last Wednesday to discuss her work was followed by more than 300 people in real time

from 02/10/2019
to 09/10/2019
Reading Club

`Frankenstein in Baghdad´, by Ahmed Saadawi, in Tres con libros

A satire that depicts the bizarre day to day life in the Iraqi capital since the end of the war.

from 22/02/2019
to 29/03/2019
Reading Club

Tres con libros, Mediterranean reading in the classroom

The students will have the opportunity to chat with Luís Martínez, editor at Norma Editorial, and discover first-hand the work that goes into preparing a comic for publication.

from 31/01/2018
to 06/03/2018
Reading Club

The Portuguese literature reaches the ‘Tres con libros’ reading club

Thanks to the European project INTREPIDA , the reading club ‘Tres con libros’ goes deep into the best Portuguese literature

from 01/02/2017
to 23/02/2017
Reading Club

‘Azazeel’ opens the Tres con libros´s season in CIS

The special library of the Three Cultures Foundation continues its work bringing Mediterranean literature closer to our book club members at

15/03/2016 Book presentation

The Three Cultures of the Mediterranean Foundation continues its commitment to the promotion of Mediterranean authors and, in collaboration with Destino publishing house and José Manuel Lara Foundation, presents ‘La hija extranjera’ (The foreign daughter) by Najat El Hachmi, the novel currently under discussion at ‘Tres con libros’ Book Club. In this novel-monologue, El Hachmi puts us in the skin of a woman in uncertain realms: between two nationalities, between two languages, between reality and desire. A work originally written in Catalan that helps us understand what ‘being the other’ means. All these issues and the creative process will be discussed at Three Cultures with fellow writer and journalist Eva Díaz, in an event that is part of the activities commemorating the International Women’s Day. After the talk among the authors, Najat El Hachmi will read an excerpt from her book with the musical accompaniment of the harp of Mar Gabarre, Müsgo. Najat El Hachmi. (Nador, Morocco, 1971). Najat El Hachmi Buhhu was born in Morocco and lives in Catalonia since she was 8. She holds a PhD in Arabic Studies (Barcelona University) and collaborates regularly with different media and radio outlets. Eva Díaz Pérez (Sevilla, 1971) is the author of ‘El Club de la Memoria’ (The Memory Club, shortlisted at 2008’s Nadal Prize) and ‘Adriático’ (Málaga Novel Prize and Andalusia’s Critics Award). She works as a columnist at ‘El Mundo’ newspaper-Andalucía, where she is in charge of Culture. Free admission upon registration at Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.es/e/entradas-najat-el-hachmi-en-conversacion-con-eva-diaz-22647112122 Venta de libros y firma de ejemplares tras la conversación. You might also be interested in… – This novel is currently under discussion at ‘Tres con libros’ Book Club – There is a set of books available for collective loans at our Specialist Library. – You will also find there all the works of Najat El Hachmi published in Spanish.

The Three Cultures of the Mediterranean Foundation continues its commitment to the promotion of Mediterranean authors and, in collaboration with

from 14/09/2015
to 22/10/2015
Reading Club

Alaa Al-Aswany opens the season of Tres con libros

The Three Cultures of the Mediterranean Foundation with the collaboration of Casa Árabe and Literatura Random House, starts the new

from 08/05/2015
to 16/06/2015
Reading Club

‘World shadow’ by Nir Baram in Tres con libros Book Club

The Three Cultures of the Mediterranean Foundation, in collaboration with Alfaguara, will continue its book club sessions with ‘World shadow’,

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