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Next Activities

from 06/11/2019
to 04/12/2019
Culture Education

Introductory course on Arabic language and culture

Organised by the Fundación Tres Cuturas (Three Cultures Foundation) in collaboration with the University of Loyola.

from 21/10/2019
to 18/11/2019

Online course: ‘Intercultural Mediation for conflict resolution’

Mediation is a discipline which is intimately related to the concept of welfare. Over recent years, the democratic societies have

from 06/11/2018
to 05/02/2019
Culture Education

Master’s Degree in International Relations

Master’s degrees in International Relations can be studied at the most prestigious Universities, both in Europe and in the US.

from 22/10/2018
to 30/11/2018
Culture Education Woman

Online training course in Information and Communication Technology education

Huelva County Council, member of the INTREPIDA project, which the Fundación Tres Culturas (Three Cultures Foundation) coordinates in collaboration with

from 09/05/2018
to 09/06/2018
Culture Education

From Seville with Love. Flying CARPET

Flying CARPET begins its actions in the framework of the celebration of the World Wide Knitting Day in Public 2018.

17/05/2018 Culture Education Gender Woman

INTREPIDA appointment with Mafalda Milhões and Alicia Bulubú

The INTREPIDA project organized by Three Cultures Foundation resumes its appointments with Mafalda Milhões . She is in charge of

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