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Next Activities

from 22/02/2018
to 23/02/2018
Business Woman

Forum on Women, Economy and Enterprise in 21st Century Mediterranean Societies

The aim of the meeting is to develop new keys that can help find solutions for the economic challenges affecting

02/03/2018 Education Woman

Fátima González and Design students at Ramón Carande Secondary School

The INTREPIDA project launches the appointments with the clear intention of taking the enterprise to the training centers. On this

from 01/03/2018
to 20/03/2018

We are still in love with you, let’s have an INTREPIDA appointment

The INTREPIDA appointments begin on March 1 at the headquarters of the Three Cultures Fundation in order to continue developing

from 20/09/2017
to 24/09/2017
Book Woman

Three Cultures with the Hay Festival Segovia

The Three Cultures Foundation contributes to the 12th Hay Festival Segovia, backing the presence of the Franco-Moroccan author Leila Slimani,

07/04/2015 Woman

Cinema on Tuesdays. ‘Ya man aach’ (It was better tomorrow)

Four years after the eruption of the events dubbed the “Jasmine revolution” Tunisia seems to have found a path to

17/03/2015 Culture Woman

Cinema on Tuesdays. ‘In the shadow of a man’

Cinema on Tuesdays. `In the shadow of a man´ Four years after the start of the political and social upheavals

10/03/2015 Culture Woman

Cinema on Tuesdays. `The Mulberry House´

Four years after the start of the political and social upheavals globally known as ‘Arab Spring’, the end result in

03/02/2015 Book Woman

Poetry event for the presentation of the book ‘The colour of time’ by Clarisse Nicoïdski

The Three Cultures of the Mediterranean Foundation and the Centre Sefarad –Israel in collaboration with Sexto Piso Publishing organize a

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