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03/10/2019 Concert Conference

‘The living memory of the Sephardic Tangiers’ colloquium and Sephardic Bridges concert

Pepa Rull, founder of Be Sepharad-Legado Sefardí, in conversation with Rachel Muyal, Sephardic woman, witness and protagonist of intellectual life in 20th century Tangiers.

18/09/2019 Concert

Concert by Mara Aranda: Diaspora. Sepharad at the heart of Morocco

Within the framework of the cycle the Foundation is dedicating to the Sepharad during the month of September, a series

12/09/2019 Concert

Al-Mawror, Sephardic music with Mediterranean hues, resumes the programme of concerts at the Fundación Tres Culturas in September

Performing live, Al-Mawror’s music carries us from Morocco to Turkey, introducing elements of the diverse cultures that took the Sephardic community.

05/09/2019 Concert

Hamid Ajbar in concert: `Yinnan Al Andalus´

Within the framework of the activities programmed on the occasion of the Intercultural Dialogue between Malaysia and Spain, we will

04/07/2019 Concert

Tres Culturas bids farewell to its concert programme until September with the Moroccan rock of Barathon Lane

From the start, the band has developed a sound which they define as “a fine mix of different rock genres,” with reference to the diverse influences which give form to their style.

19/06/2019 Concert

World Refugee Day. Screening of the documentary ‘Shadow music’ and concert by The SoundRoutes Band & Mashrabiya

The event kicks off at 8.30pm with the screening of the documentary Shadow Music: the Soundroutes, followed by a concert by The SoundRoutes Band & Mashrabiya.

from 20/05/2019
to 01/06/2019

Tres Culturas collaborates with the IV Granada early music festival

Under the title Al-Ándalus between East and West, the fourth edition of this festival will run from the 20th of May to the 1st of June.

02/05/2019 Concert

Nolasco and Hamid el Hadri launch the Month of Cultural Diversity with their `Universo Azul´ show

The Fundación Tres Culturas (Three Cultures Foundation), within the framework of the Month of Cultural Diversity, offers this concert in which a dialogue between the two shores is established through the voices and rhythms of these two great artists.

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