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from 18/09/2019
to 11/10/2019

‘Musical instruments in the Hebrew art of medieval Spain’ exhibition

Within the framework of the cycle the Foundation is dedicating to the Sepharad during the month of September, a series

from 29/06/2019
to 08/07/2019

The results of the CARPET project are presented at the Feria Internacional do Artesanato in Lisbon, Portugal

This display, which is entitled The CARPET Twist, will later be shown in Assilah (Morocco) and Seville.

from 18/06/2019
to 30/06/2019

The Rabat National Library hosts the exhibition on 20 years of Tres Culturas

Consisting of images from these two decades of history, accompanied by written texts in Arabic.

from 03/10/2018
to 26/10/2018

Exhibition: Objects that make People, people that make Art

The CARPET (Craft Art and People Together) Project brings together a selection of artists, designers, architects and creatives in general

from 15/05/2018
to 30/06/2018

Exhibition ’24 Hours in the life of … ‘

The Three Cultures Foundation hosts the exhibition ’24 Hours in the Life of … ‘. It is a visual story

from 27/04/2018
to 27/05/2018

Tres Festival 2018. EXHIBITION ‘Parallel Views’

ARTR3S  Besides aiming to be a meeting point and forum for debate, the Tres Festival includes in its programme ARTR3S,

from 07/04/2018
to 13/05/2018

Exhibition ‘Mogador’ by Veronica Gaido and Vito Tongiani

These two artists belonging to different expressive worlds are faced with the objective of telling the atmosphere and life of

from 01/03/2018
to 30/03/2018

Exhibition ‘Una arruga en el aire’ by the Portuguese artist Cristina Ataíde

Crisitina Ataíde is a solid Portuguese artist with a long career who shows in her exhibitions an interesting diversity of

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