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from 31/07/2019
to 20/09/2019

University Master’s Degree in International Relations. 2019-2020 edition

The Master’s in International Relations is presented as a multi-disciplinary course which integrates knowledge on international relations and study of the international society.

from 15/07/2019
to 17/07/2019

Summer course: `Cordoba 711-Jerusalem 2019. The Encounter of Jews, Christians and Muslim in the Sephardic World´

The aim of this course is to bring to light the Sephardi Jewish tradition developed in the middle ages in the Iberian Peninsula, analysing the contributions of other traditions to the Judeo-Spanish and vice-versa.

10/07/2019 Formation Forum

Professors and researchers from the Loyola University holds its end of year encounter at Tres Culturas

The professors and researchers from the communication and education departments at the Loyola Andalusia University hold their now traditional Summer Seminary.

18/06/2019 Formation

INTREPIDA date. Personal image workshop with Alexandra Vanstalle

The aim of this workshop is not to modify each personal style, but to become aware of the fact that a cared-for image can be a very valuable tool to help us achieve our professional and personal goals.

17/06/2019 Formation Visits to companies

Encounter-workshop on audience development with Macarena Cuenca

This workshop is aimed at any professional or entrepreneur interested in cultural management and offers participants a global and up-to-date vision of how audience development is understood at a European level.

03/06/2019 Formation

Encounter-workshop with Pepe Zapata on cultural audience management

This encounter, given by expert in cultural audiences Pepe Zapata, is aimed at all professionals from public and private entities, entrepreneurs and experts in communication, marketing, education, mediation and user service.

14/05/2019 Formation

Workshop `Rethinking the Sevillian tile of the 15th century´

With the support of two designers, this activity proposes the challenge of redesigning the typical Sevillian tile that uses the dry cord technique.

14/05/2019 Formation

Italic brush calligraphy workshop with Kane Melegatti

This workshop is a practical one of initiation into italic brush calligraphy to obtain calligraphy compositions in a very recognisable style.

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