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18/06/2019 Formation

INTREPIDA date. Personal image workshop with Alexandra Vanstalle

The aim of this workshop is not to modify each personal style, but to become aware of the fact that a cared-for image can be a very valuable tool to help us achieve our professional and personal goals.

14/05/2019 Formation

Workshop `Rethinking the Sevillian tile of the 15th century´

With the support of two designers, this activity proposes the challenge of redesigning the typical Sevillian tile that uses the dry cord technique.

14/05/2019 Formation

Italic brush calligraphy workshop with Kane Melegatti

This workshop is a practical one of initiation into italic brush calligraphy to obtain calligraphy compositions in a very recognisable style.

29/04/2019 Formation

Workshop-encounter with Beatriz Clemente on communication of cultural projects

The second encounter in this cycle is led by Beatriz Clemente, and involves a mainly practical route as a guide – comprehensive but simple – of the main steps to improve identity, get to know the public and define clear, realistic communication goals.

03/04/2019 Formation

Encounter-workshop on developing audiences and increasing public loyalty

The CARPET Project invites you to take part in a series of encounters relating to developing of audiences and increasing the loyalty of the different members of the public who take part in activities related to culture and the arts.

from 01/04/2019
to 21/06/2019

Spanish classes and awareness workshops for temporary workers

The Fundación Tres Culturas (Three Cultures Foundation), within the framework of the IntegrARTE project, extends its educational offer and spreads it to include various Huelve localities with a high presence of temporary workers from Morocco.

20/03/2019 Formation

Wool felt workshop with craftswoman Estela Melo, creator of the Ovelha Mãe brand

The Fundación Tres Culturas (Three Cultures Foundation) invites you to take part in a creative wool felt workshop given by

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