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from 14/03/2018
to 15/03/2018
Concert Spectacle

The ’16 Bienal ONCE ANDALUCÍA’ music concert at the Three Cultures Foundation

The Three Cultures Foundation collaborates with ONCE to host two important concerts at its headquarters on March 14 and 15.

13/03/2018 Concert Spectacle

Presentation of the poetic anthology ‘Calle de agua, frontera sallada’ in the VI Moroccan-Spanish meeting

The Three Culture Foundation hosts the presentation of the poetry anthology Calle de agua, frontera salada in the framework of

22/02/2018 Concert Spectacle

The Three Cultures Foundation offers the show CONTRAXI

To mark Andalusia Day, the Three Cultures Foundation offers this show highlighting identities and cultures, a meeting of Arabic and

from 24/12/2017
to 25/12/2017

Performances of the theatre company Al Founoune in Seville and Málaga

As part of the activities in the programme “Alqantara: Bridges for Dialogue and Coexistence” that the Three Cultures Foundation has

from 18/10/2017
to 22/10/2017

Gathering of Writers from Three Continents 2017

The South Festival –Theatre Meeting of Three Continents (Agüimes) organises every year among its parallel activities a meeting of writers

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