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1st B2B Encounter ‘Better together’

This encounter encourages different matches or encounters between businesses or businesswomen whose services and/or products have some sort of connection, thus creating possible synergies with an aim to mutually reinforcing their presence in other markets and countries, contributing in this way to a possible internationalisation.

Aware of our responsibility of supporting technology, with tools such as the online INTREPIDA businesswomen’s guide, this encounter personalises and increases contact between the businesswomen present in the guide.

To take part in this encounter, those interested must present their applications by sending the inscription form attached to: fruiz@tresculturas.org.


The Fundación Tres Culturas (Three Cultures Foundation) will cover the following costs:

  • Travel to and from the encounter.
  • Welcome dinner, coffee break and work lunch.
  • Consultation session for the business matches.


Coordination and management of the 1st B2B ‘Better together’:

Fátima Ruiz-Granados fruiz@tresculturas.org Tel. 661 10 23 14

Lola Jiménez doloresj@tresculturas.org   Tel. 667 31 31 40


Head of the INTREPIDA Project. Information on the activities:

Catalina Bejarano cbejarano@tresculturas.org Tel. 673 86 64 75


The Fundación Tres Culturas del Mediterráneo (Three Cultures of the Mediterranean Foundation) is the main beneficiary of the INTREPIDA Project along with the following members in Spain and Portugal:  Fundación Universidad Empresa de la Provincia de Cadiz (FUECA- Business University Foundation of the Province of Cádiz), Huelva County Council, REGIOTIC, Association of Businesspeople of the Region of Portoalegre (NERPOR) and Business Nucleus of the Region of Évora (NERE). The INTREPIDA Project receives funding from the European INTERREG-POCTEP programme.