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Al-Andalus Cathedra: ‘The first palace of the Alcázar of Seville. Latest archaeological investigations´

26/03/2019 From 19:30

On this occasion, the Al-Andalus Cathedra conference cycle examines the archaeological work carried out in recent years at Seville’s Patio de Banderas. New evidence relating to the construction process of the fortress, programmed and begun during the Abbadí period, has been discovered in the walls of the primeval site and houses numbers 7 and 2 in the patio. New excavations along the walls and in the first palace draw an outline of construction that reveals both the initial intentions and the interruptions and changes of plan that led to the great Almohade extension of the 12th century.

The conference will be given by Miguel Ángel Tabales Rodríguez. A Doctor in Archaeology and professor at the University of Seville, he is also the director of the Arqueología de la Arquitectura (Archaeology of Architecture) magazine, printed by CSIC, and a member of different scientific commission on archaeology and heritage. He is in charge of various regional and state research projects on the Alcázar of Seville.

Those wishing to attend the conference must sign up via this link.