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Al-Andalus Cathedra: the tomb of Boabdil and historical and archaeological dissemination

30/01/2020 From 19:00

The Fundación Tres Culturas (Three Cultures Foundation) resumes the Al-Andalus Cathedra project in January with a special session that includes a screening of the documentary The tomb of Boabdil and a round table afterwards at which Manuel Pimentel and Virginia Luque will discuss the figure of the last Nasrid king of Granada.

The location of the tomb of Boabdil remains unknown. There are historical research works based on written sources. But, in parallel, archaeological investigation has attempted to pinpoint a location. Arqueomanía ran a programme on the historical figure of Boabdil and the great dilemmas and conflicts he was forced to face. History and archaeology meet on the research in progress, a good example to be broadcast to the public via quality television.

Those wishing to attend must register in advance.