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Al-Andalus Cathedra: `Umar ibn Hafsun or how the Umayyads were crushed´

18/02/2020 From 19:00

Umar ibn Hafsun remains one of the most noteworthy historical figures of al-Andalus. His activity (and that of his offspring) in the Málaga mountains between 880 and 927 allowed for the creation of a sort of state or dawla in opposition of the legitimacy of the Umayyads of Córdoba.

From the base of Bobastro, created to guarantee the functioning of a dynasty, he developed a frenetic political career based on a search for a legitimacy it lacked. That explains the changes of religious direction in his eventful bibliography: from Sunni Muslim to Christian, from Christian to Shia Muslim.

We will attempt to trace a biographic tour of this fascinating character who was of such significance for the process of the formation of al-Andalus.

The session will be led by Virgilio López Enamorado, graduate and doctor of Medieval History from the University of Málaga.

Those wishing to attend the conference must sign up via the following link.