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Anne Wilson begins her residence in Portugal to share her knowledge on working with wool felt

from 08/04/2019
to 08/05/2019

Following the residences in Seville of Estela Melo and Sara Meli Melo, both from Portugal, the Fundación Tres Culturas’ (Three Cultures Foundation’s) CARPET project continues with its work to connect artists. This time it’s the turn of Briton Anne Wilson, who is staying in Coimbra from the 8th of April to the 8th of May.

Artist Anne Wilson creates her pieces in felt using wool fibres that are physically entwined and set employing mechanical techniques along with chemical reactions and humidity to create a pure and original textile structure.

Anne has experimented in the past with different forms of art and has created clothes, dyed materials, batik pictures and paintings. She currently creates 3D felt images, clothing and flowers with Merino wool, the perfect material for this type of work. Her pieces are spread across a variety of private collections.

Her artistic residence is set at the CREARTE facility in Coimbra, where she will have the chance to help youngsters develop artistic abilities to link culture and historical heritage as felt has been worked with since the Iron Age.


Facebook: feltartworks

The CARPET Project is coordinated by the Fundación Tres Culturas (Three Cultures Foundation) along with partners Creative Kernow in the UK, CEARTE in Portugal and APDN in Morocco. This project has financial support from the European Europa Creativa programme.