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Cinema on Tuesdays February 2015. Film productions from Andalusia

from 03/02/2015
to 24/02/2015
From 00:00

February’s ‘Cinema on Tuesdays’ programme is devoted traditionally to Andalusian cinema. As in previous cycles, at Tres Culturas we intend to continue promoting a cinematography that can be described as increasingly successful.

We are also dealing with productions whose quality (the result of a continuous effort to improve) is endorsed by both awards and nominations, as it happens this year with Carmina y amén, La isla mínima and Nacido en Gaza, which together have obtained 19 nominations for the Goya awards.

In line with the relevant presence of film productions from Andalusia at national level, the works selected for this cycle include 2 films and 2 documentaries, in order to provide a more representative sample of the variety of formats in which Andalusian filmmakers stand out. Some of these filmmakers, as is the case of Paco León and Alberto Rodríguez, are candidates for the above mentioned awards.

– Tuesday February 3rd. 20.30h

El traje (The suit)

Alberto Rodríguez (Spain 2002, 102 min.)

– Tuesday February 10th.. 20.30h

Carmina o revienta (Carmina or blow up)

Paco León (Spain 2012, 70 min.)

– Tuesday February 17th. 20.30

Al ritmo de la calle (To the beat of the street)

Samuel Sánchez (Spain 2014, 71 min.)

Tuesday February 24th. 20.30h


Manutrillo (Spain 2014, 58 min.)


Free admission subject to availability.