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Cinema on Tuesdays. `The Mulberry House´

10/03/2015 From 00:00

Four years after the start of the political and social upheavals globally known as ‘Arab Spring’, the end result in political terms is discouraging. With the exception of Tunisia, there is little ground for optimism. Despite this lack of political progress, there has been a certain degree of change in the social sphere, including the increasing presence of women in the field of cinema.

Coinciding with the celebration in March of the International Working Women’s Day, The Three Cultures Foundation devotes its Cinema on Tuesdays programme to films made by women, specifically to filmmakers who represent the social changes mentioned above. The title of one of those films, Sonia Chamkhi’s Militant Women, serves to name this cycle.

While female directors have always been present in Arab cinema, they are finding it increasingly easier to develop their projects in recent years. Firstly,  the turmoil created by the different ‘Arab springs’ has changed social practices to some extent, allowing societies to become more open and receptive to accepting women in public and creative roles. On the other hand, there is more access to funding and more opportunities to show their work, with new film festivals blossoming in some Gulf countries, such as in Qatar, Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

This opportunity has been seized by female filmmakers, who concentrate not only on portraying the situation and role of women in the context of these revolts (such as the case of the films screened in this programme), but they also broaden their focus to analyze women as active social subjects, a condition never exempt of controversy.

By programming these films -some of them for the first time in Spain- the Three Cultures Foundation aspires to continue offering a space to show the work of Arab female filmmakers, as we have already done in previous occasions (January 2015 and March 2014 to cite the most recent examples) with authors such as Haifaa al-Mansour, Hala Lotfi or Kamla Abu Zekry, a list joined now by Hanan Abdalla, Sara Ishaq and Nadia el-Fani.

Tuesday, March 10th  

The Mulberry House. Sara Ishaq (Yemen, 2013, 75 min.)

This film has been translated and subtitled in Spanish by the Three Cultures Foundation.