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Exhibition ‘Mogador’ by Veronica Gaido and Vito Tongiani

from 07/04/2018
to 13/05/2018

These two artists belonging to different expressive worlds are faced with the objective of telling the atmosphere and life of the historic port of the city, baptized as Mogador in the 17th century.

Due to its geographical position open to the Atlantic Ocean, the city was conceived and organized from its origin as a meeting and exchange point.Throughout the time, there have been many artists who have found inspiration in Essaouira. But now in the case of Veronica Gaido and Vito Tongiani, we find in this symbolic place the concept of life, refuge, travel. But can also we find the contrast, the daily effort of the people, the colors of the day and the darkness of the night that coexist and mix each other.

For the writer Driss Ksikes, whose text opens the exhibition catalog and thanks to his personal vision of Mogador, Tongiani and Gaido have been able to completely restore the sensory perceptions of a place. Through photography and painting, they represent the mutability of colors that characterize it; the swarm of people who live it;the presence of the boats that fill it; and the fullness of the recurrent and sometimes invisible gestures that populate it.