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Forum on “Andalusia and Morocco: educating in diversity”

from 20/11/2017
to 21/11/2017

The Three Cultures Foundation has organised a forum on Andalusia and Morocco: educating in diversity, addressing the general public, though especially Moroccan and Andalusian teachers resident in Andalusia and others pertaining to the education system and civil society, as well as immigrant communities, particularly those of Moroccan origin.

The gathering aims to provide the knowledge needed to manage diversity as a key element. A series of lectures, workshops and round tables are thus planned to familiarise participants with multicultural diversity, its benefits and good educational practices developed in different geographical contexts.

Specifically, plans call for highlighting the work undertaken in the Andalusian educational system to develop schooling that is inclusive and respectful of diversity while ensuring educational success for all, besides offering a place to exchange opinions with experts, figures from the academic world and various education system players, in which immigrant communities especially, and above all ones of Moroccan origin, can express their needs, suggestions and aspirations.

Schools and hence education should be an instrument to fight against intolerance and discrimination, developing and consolidating a culture of peace that fosters democratic and tolerant attitudes, understood as being essential for a person’s integral education. This means promoting respect and mutual understanding among students, and ultimately a culture of peace that should be projected beyond the classroom, into social life, as a manifestation of peaceful coexistence among citizens and the prevention of violence and radicalism.

This event is organised by the Three Cultures Foundation in collaboration with the Regional Department of Education, framed within the Aqantara programme for building bridges for dialogue and coexistence associated to the Delegated Ministry Responsible for Moroccans Resident Abroad and Migration Issues of the Kingdom of Morocco. It also counts the participation of the Hassan II Foundation for Moroccans Resident Abroad and the Social Work of La Caixa bank.

Registration by means of this form is required in order to attend.

To access the provisional programme, please consult this link.