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Hamid Ajbar in concert: `Yinnan Al Andalus´

05/09/2019 From 20:00

Within the framework of the activities programmed on the occasion of the Intercultural Dialogue between Malaysia and Spain, we will enjoy a concert by Hamid Ajbar which evokes the magic of Andalusí gardens.

At this recital, the performers provide a musical journey through beautiful and ancestral melodies that transport us to the most beautiful gardens of Caliph Cordoba, Granada, Northern Africa or Damasco.

The selection of gasidas and muwashahat are chosen from the works of the great Sufi masters of Al Andalus and the Arabic world, including the poems of Ibn Arabi, Rabia Al Adawiyya, Shushtari, Ibn Nahwi, Harraq and others.

Free entry, places must be booked in advance.

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