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III Intensive Andalusí Music group

from 09/04/2018
to 12/04/2018
From 08:00

The Three Cultures of the Mediterranean Foundation organizes the third edition of the intensive Andalusí music course by Professor Amin Chaachoo, director of the Tetuán-Asmir Center for Musicological Research and the Conservation of Musical Heritage; director of the Andalusí Orchestra Al-Haiek; and director of the Andalusí Orchestra of Málaga. It is done in collaboration with the Delegate Minister in charge of Moroccan Community Resident Abroad and in the framework of the Alqantara 2018 program.

The training will include an approach to the history of Andalusí music and its basic concepts, as well as its structural components and modes, the rhythm and the Andalusí modal theory. There will also be a practical part through the interpretation of pieces and improvisation.

On this occasion, we will also have the presence of José David Guillén. Before the concert, he will offer a conference about the eminent Tetuanian musician Mustafa Aïcha Rahmani (Tetuán, 1944-2008). He is a composer who developed conceptual and formal aspects of Moroccan music, especially Andalusí music throug the Western format.


15 scholarships will be offered to participate in this course for free. The selected students will not pay any amount for tuition, since the total allocation is assumed entirely by the Three Cultures Foundation and the Moroccan Ministry in Charge of Moroccan Community Resident Abroad.

To participate and access to scholarships, it will be essential to have a minimum knowledge of solfege, equivalent to the thematic content taught in the first solfege course according to the Official Regulations of the Conservatories of Music in Spain.

To access to the course, interested parties must submit the documentation requested in the rules of the call, available at the following link.


Three Cultures Foundation. From April 9th to 12th from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.