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‘Intercultural Mediation for conflict resolution’ Course

from 18/03/2019
to 15/04/2019

From the 18th of March to the 15th of April.


Mediation is a discipline which is closely linked to the concept of wellbeing. In recent years, democratic societies have achieved a series of liberties that allow their citizens to enjoy new aspects of wellbeing. As a counterpart, however, the disagreements and differences between subjects, generated by these social habits, have unleashed a number of new conflicts. And that is where mediation plays a crucial role.

This social tendency means that professional mediators are currently in high demand, both in the business and the personal fields within the family, school or neighbourhood. Therefore, this course in mediation for conflict resolution offers the chance to increase knowledge and application of theories, methods and techniques relating to resolution of problems and mediation.

During the course the students will learn what mediation is, how intercultural conflicts arise and how to tackle them in a positive way from a multicultural perspective. They will see how communication – among other resources – is an essential element of conflict resolution and the role the mediator plays and the techniques they should use to act not only during conflicts but also to prevent them before they appear.

General public, 90 €.

Unemployed and university students, 80 €.

Those interested in registering must fill in the form on this link and follow the instructions to make the inscription payment.