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International encounter of experts: Islam and modernity


The Three Cultures Foundation and the prestigious ICMES (International Council for Middle East Studies), with the collaboration of the Association Essaouira Mogador, will tackle the relationship between Islam and modernity, going in depth over diverse topics of especial relevance and interest for the Arab-Islamic World.

The meeting will be divided into two sessions. The design chosen for the sessions consists of a main speech followed by comments from a respondant. Both sessions will have, at the end, an open period for debate to offer the other intellectuals participating the chance to enrich the topics presented. Issues like the possible revival of Islamic thought, the status and place of women in Islam, the challenge of dual legal systems (religious and secular jurisdictions) or the relation between Islam and the secular societies in the 21st century will be raised during the conference.

The conferences will be conducted in English and will only be opened to renowned experts in the subject.

You can download the program from here.