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International seminar ‘Integrative Andalusia: The networks of cities as a tool for local action and social cohesion’

The Seminar Integrative Andalusia: the networks of cities as a tool for local action and social cohesion is organized by FAMSI in collaboration with Three Cultures Foundation, Andalucía Acoge, EMA RTV and the Andalusia Municipalities Fund for International Solidarity. This seminar is performed due to the growing interest in the way local governments face global challenges and address complex and multidimensional processes, such as migration.

The cities are initiating practical solutions in the management of migrations, such as the establishment of connections between territories of origin and destination; or the adoption of coexistence policies that ensure that “no one is left out”.

The objective of this seminar is to take advantage of the potential and the knowledgement that municipalities already have in the diversity management, promoting the knowledge for the good practices that are being carried out; the participation of local governments in networks; the exchange of experiences; debates and dialogues; promoting political actions for the integration and diversity management.


To attend the conference, it is necessary to register at the following link.

Date: May 15th (from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.) at the Three Cultures Foundation.