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‘Learning with the Family’ continues

from 19/02/2019
to 27/06/2019

Due to how well the project has been received by the Moroccan community, the Fundación Tres Culturas del Mediterráneo (Three Cultures of the Mediterranean Foundation) and the Deputy Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in charge of Moroccan Expats and Migration Matters are once again setting up these training courses. An initiative that began in Seville in collaboration with Sevilla Acoge and which we are now also running in the province of Huelva within the framework of the Alqantara programme.

Learning in the family is a joint methodology commitment in which the group classes for parents and for children are held close to each other and at the same time, allowing for family conciliation and ensuring families can attend their lessons.

The courses will be given two days per week and each class lasts two hours. They are currently being given at the following centres:


Centro Cívico El Esqueleto in Seville. Mondays and Wednesdays.

Centro Cívico Hogar de San Fernando in Seville. Tuesdays and Fridays.

Centro Cívico de Olivares, Seville. Thursdays and Saturdays.

Cartaya, Huelva

Colegio Juan Ramón Jiménez. Mondays and Wednesdays.