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Master’s Degree in International Relations

from 06/11/2018
to 05/02/2019

Master’s degrees in International Relations can be studied at the most prestigious Universities, both in Europe and in the US. Although they all share common elements, each centre adapts the content of the degree course to the interests of its region.

Modules 1 to 4 of the degree course are taught in classes which run from November to March. Attendance is obligatory and marks are given for the modules accordingly.  Module 5 tuition is imparted online during the same period.

It’s a multi-disciplinary degree which integrates knowledge on international relations with the study of international society from the historical, economical, political, legal and socio-cultural perspectives in which the aforementioned international relations are developed.

There are currently two Andalusian universities, Granada and Pablo de Olavide, in Seville, that impart Degrees in Political Sciences and Administration, for which the Master’s is an ideal complement to complete training in international areas.

Graduates from degrees such as, among others, Political Sciences and Administration, Humanities, Journalism, Law, Economical Sciences, Sociology or Environmental Sciences can take the course. It is also open to professionals from other professional areas: consular representatives in Andalusia, journalists or civil servants from central, regional or local Administrations.





For further information:

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