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Online training course in Information and Communication Technology education

from 22/10/2018
to 30/11/2018

Huelva County Council, member of the INTREPIDA project, which the Fundación Tres Culturas (Three Cultures Foundation) coordinates in collaboration with the rest of the members in Spain and Portugal, had launched an interesting online training course aimed at businesswomen in Andalucía, Alentejo and the Algarve to give more visibility to their businesses in the areas of communication, social media, electronic commerce and web positioning.

This course consists of 150 hours of online training and will be available via Huelva County Council’s training platform.

The course consists of 6 educational guides, 12 explanatory videos, 48 supporting resources and 12 hours of tutoring with experts. Places are restricted to 20 for each of the two countries, 40 in total, and the inscription period will remain open until all places, awarded in strict order of arrival, are filled.

To take part, those interested must present their applications via the online platform or in person at the Huelva County Council headquarters. If the application is presented in person, the council worker who receives it must note the time it was presented.

The application form and evaluation criteria can be found via the following links: www.diphuelva.es and www.tresculturas.org/intrepida/eventos

More information on the activity can be obtained from: evides@diphuelva.org Tel. 959 49 47 79


Information on the INTREPIDA project:

Catalina Bejarano cbejarano@tresculturas.org Tel. 673 86 64 75

Lola Jiménez doloresj@tresculturas.org   Tel. 667 31 31 40

Fátima Ruiz fruiz@tresculturas.org Tel. 661 10 23 14