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Presentation of the poetic anthology ‘Calle de agua, frontera sallada’ in the VI Moroccan-Spanish meeting

13/03/2018 From 19:00

The Three Culture Foundation hosts the presentation of the poetry anthology Calle de agua, frontera salada in the framework of the VI Moroccan-Spanish meeting. This presentation pays posthumous tribute to the writer and humanist poet Sidi Mohamed Chakor. Again, this event unites people and identities through poetry to enrich our common culture based on respect, understanding and the universalist and solidarity humanism.

The anthology contains poems in Arabic, Spanish, Catalan, Dariya and English. They are written by 36 poets from countries such as Spain, Morocco, Honduras and Colombia.

The event will feature the musical contribution of Juan José Argolla, a singer from Algeciras, Cádiz.