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The group Darash launches the 2020 concert season at Tres Culturas

29/01/2020 From 20:30

The Fundación Tres Culturas (Three Cultures Foundation) resumes its musical programme in January with a concert by Mediterranean folk group Darash.

Not in vain, the term Darash, of Hebrew etymology, means “the search”, a concept that reaffirms the idea of uniting contemporary and ancient music based on the study and interpretation of the music of the Mediterranean.

In search of authenticity of tradition and a return to the roots, Darash uses old instruments with an acoustic sound. Its members are multi-instrumentalists with very diverse styles that invite the audience to embark on a journey around the Mediterranean and to rediscover our cultural roots.

This concert is part of the programme in parallel with the 4th AN-MAR Andalusia Morocco Forum, a meeting place for the municipalities and local groups of Northern Morocco and of Andalusia to address issues of common interest within the framework of cooperation between the two territories.