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The results of the CARPET project are presented at the Feria Internacional do Artesanato in Lisbon, Portugal

from 29/06/2019
to 08/07/2019
Photo: Artistic intervention by Sadik Haddari on the BIOCO tradition cape.

The Fundación Tres Culturas (Three Cultures Foundation) and its partner in the CARPET project in Portugal, CEARTE, jointly present the results of this project at the Feria Internacional do Artesanato (FIA), the most important craft fair in Portugal and the second most important at a European level.

Tres Culturas (Three Cultures) and CEARTE jointly presented the different activities at the fair’s Auditorium using presentations and participants’ testimonials. What’s more, CEARTE has dedicated a large part of the display area to show a selection of the works and products resulting from the activities carried out within the framework of CARPET, such as the artists’ residencies held in the different participating countries and other activities in which members of the public created a collective work.

This display, which is entitled The CARPET Twist, will later be shown in Assilah (Morocco) and Seville.

The CARPET Project is coordinated by the Fundación Tres Culturas (Three Cultures Foundation) along with partners Creative Kernow in the UK, CEARTE in Portugal and APDN in Morocco. This project has financial support from the European Europa Creativa programme.