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The theatre company Founoune returns with Allah Yddina F’do

from 11/10/2019
to 12/10/2019
From 20:00

The latest comedy by Fátima Benmaziane’s company Founoune tells of the adventures of Mouhja, a young, recent graduate of the Higher School of Plastic Arts of Brussels who decides to return to her birthplace, Morocco, to launch her artistic career and fulfil her dream of becoming a great, internationally renowned painter and displaying her work in galleries all over the world.

A magnificent occasion for all interested members of the public, especially the Moroccan community, to enjoy a comical play which will be entirely performed in Moroccan dialect.

Activity financed by the Deputy Ministry in Charge of Moroccan Expats and Migration Matters. Free entry until filled to capacity.

Friday the 11th of October. Maestro Álvarez Alonso Theatre. Martos, Jaen. 8pm.

Saturday the 12th of October. Municipal School of Music and Arts. Almeria. 8pm.