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‘The Tunisian Transition, what’s left of the Arabian Spring?’ Course

from 04/02/2019
to 31/03/2019

From the 1st of April to the 3rd of May.


During the first semester of 2019, the Fundación Tres Culturas (Three Cultures Foundation) continues with the programme of courses approved during the open call it carried out at the end of last year.

The ‘The Tunisian Transition, what’s left of the Arabian Spring?’ course addresses the process of transition to democracy in Tunisian from the final period of the regime of Ben Ali until the recent developments following the May 2018 municipal elections.

Taught by professor and doctor Bosco Govantes, the course addresses the study of the authoritarian period, the different phases of the political transition as well as touching on the political actors, electoral processes and regional context. Democratic Tunisia’s foreign policy and foreign relations are also analysed, focusing especially on its relations with Spain.

The approach to study is done from the Political Science aspect, using a theoretical focus of the process tracing style (methodology that studies the relevant factors and actors while advancing in the temporal sequence of the tale.)

The course consists of 10 classroom hours divided into eight 75-minute sessions. The provisional times and dates for these are the Mondays and Wednesdays in April plus a final class on Friday the 3rd of May, beginning at 6.30pm.

The classes will be participative and interactive, aiming to involve the students in the learning process with an intention to allowing them to get to know and value the size of the Tunisian people’s successful political process towards democracy experienced within the framework of the complex regional context of the Arabian springs.


General public, 50 €.

Unemployed people and university students, 40 €.

Those interested in registering must fill in the form on this link and follow the instructions to make the inscription payment.