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Three Cultures co-organises the 9th biennial conference – the African Diaspora in the World

from 07/11/2017
to 11/11/2017

The Three Cultures Foundation has participated in organising the 9th biennial conference on the African Diaspora in the World, together with ASWAD, Pablo Olavide University and Red Columnaria Coredex, among other institutions.

The Foundation will also host at its headquarters building the first-day activity of this important forum, in which more than 300 speakers will consider all manner of political, social, cultural and artistic questions associated to the history, the present and the future of African emigration to the rest of the world.


This event forms part of the activities programmed by the Foundation for Morocco Month, a broad offering which in November will bring the cultural wealth of the neighbouring country closer to the general public and especially to the community of Moroccans who live and work in Andalusia. This initiative takes place under the programme called “Alqantara: Bridges for Dialogue and Coexistence”, developed with the Delegated Ministry for Moroccans Resident Abroad and Migration Issues of the Kingdom of Morocco.

For more information about this forum, please consult this link.