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We started the year with Marcello Fois and his saga of the Chironi

22/02/2017 From 00:00

Tres con libros begins the year with the work of the Sardinian writer Marcello Fois. Estirpe, published by Hoja de Lata publishing house and with an impeccable translation of Francisco Álvarez, tells the story of “Michele Angelo and Mercede and their lineage, the Chironi, a humble family of blacksmiths that progresses with the boom of the bourgeoisie in the Sardinia of end of Century XIX”.

Thanks to the collaboration of Hoja de Lata publishing house, the reading clubs of the public libraries of Sanlúcar La Mayor and Dos Hermanas have benefited from the donation of two set of books that will be included in their reading program. Both clubs will join next Wednesday February 22nd in the meeting with the author that organizes Three Cultures at its headquarters.






From 25th January to 1st February 2017

Readers can pick up their copy of the novel from the Three Cultures library.

Wednesday, 15th February 2017. 18.00 h.

Book club meeting. With the participation via Skype of the publisher of Hoja de Lata publishing house who will explain the editing process of Estirpe and their strong commitment to Marcello Fois.

Wednesday, 22nd February 2017. 19.00 h.

Conversation with Marcello Fois. The author, representative of the best Sardinian tradition, will be accompanied by Alejandro Luque, journalist and writer.

For further information consult the following link.