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White Night: T-31CH concert at Tres Culturas

04/10/2019 From 20:30

Within the framework of the activities planned for Seville’s Noche en Blanco (White Night), the Fundación Tres Culturas (Three Cultures Foundation) is hosting a concert by the group T-31CH, one of the up-and-coming groups that are gaining the most followers on the Moroccan music scene.

T-31CH is a group with an extensive musical trajectory, formed by Bader Moutaz, bass; Ayoube Harti, drums and sound engineer; Ali Faraoui and vocalist Khalid Hoummass.

Singer, composer and performer Hoummass looks to share different visions and musical experiences with various artists. He founded Bloc 10, a hip-hop collective that organises open mike sessions once a month in Boultek, a contemporary music centre. Hoummass debuted as a rapper in 2004 with the band Awahrap, sharing his first stage performances and an album. Later some members of the group created Flowman, with a very particular style of musical interpretation that includes house, electro or gypsy. After forming part of other projects, he is now at the helm of T-A31CH.

Free entry, registration required.

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