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Book presentation: ‘Bible, Qur’an, Tanach: three readings about the same God’ by Roberto Blatt


Biblia, Corán - ROBERTO BLATT

The Three Cultures Foundation of the Mediterranean and the Turner publishing house present in the headquarters of the Foundation in Seville the book Bible, Qur’an, Tanach: three readings about the same God, next February 7th at 19:00 h., written by Roberto Blatt.

Roberto Blatt - Copyright Tali Kimelman

Roberto Blatt – Photography of Tali Kimelman

In the face of the collapse of great ideologies in the twentieth century and the emergence of new religious fundamentalisms, this essay reviews the biblical tradition in its three streams, Christian, Islamic and Jewish, which have incorporated Greek thought Classical and have caused the emergence of secular thought.


The author of the book will be accompanied by Emilio González Ferrín, Professor of Arabic and Islamic Thought at the University of Seville and Director of the Al-Andalus Chair of the Three Cultures Foundation of the Mediterranean.

In order to assist to the presentation, it is necessary to register here.


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