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Archive Activities

29/08/2019 Formation

CARPET summer camp: `How to undertake the creation of a digital product starting with the design´ workshop

It’s a very practical workshop which shows, through a real project, how to undertake the design of a digital product from the wireframes phase up to the transfer to development.

28/08/2019 Formation

CARPET summer camp: `Typography for efficient communication´ workshop

The Fundación Tres Culturas’ (Three Cultures Foundation’s) CARPET (Craft, Art and People Together) Project continues with its intense programme even

27/08/2019 Formation

CARPET summer camp: ‘From paper to the vector: lettering for designers’ workshop

The session will allow participants to begin or to further their knowledge of lettering or learn how to turn a letter sketch into an attractive and useful design step by step.

from 20/02/2019
to 12/03/2019

Fashion designer Ernesto Naranjo displays his latest work at Tres Culturas

The CARPET project presents, for the first time in Andalusia, a selection of the designs that Ernesto Naranjo has created as a result of his own personal search within the realms of art and design.