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Entrepreneurs Guide

Costa Pesca Ricomar S.L.

Sector: Commerce, Food Zone: Andalusia Address: Muelle de Levante, MOD. 47 Huelva Contact: Francespaloma Varela Tlf: (+34) 627 49 92 92 / (+34) 959 25 37 43 Email: costapesca@costapesca.es pvarela@costapesca.es Web: http://www.costapesca.es/?fbclid=IwAR1_YH-z3EQNcWXkfCJztMD5h5gfh9dv8b860rdC7zzZs68DIXxgd1Ldmjg

Thanks to the high quality of our products, which come straight from the sea, and the trust of many of our customers, we continue to grow with them, little by little, to become one of the most important seafood suppliers in Spain.
Huelva can be said to be the most important distribution point for seafood in the world, thanks to this we can offer a quality product for an incomparable cuisine that you will not find anywhere else.