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Anna Sanz Interiorismo

Sector: Interior Design Zone: Andalusia Address: C/ Rejas de la Virgen, 25. 18005. Granada Contact: Ana Isabel Sánchez de Miguel Tlf: 958 567 922 Email: anna@annsanzdesign.com Web: http://www.annasanzdesign.es/

Anna Sanz Design. Interior Design and Advice.

ANNA SANZ DESIGN is a company that offers professional services and advice on solutions for interior design, in collaboration with architects, engineers, real estate and construction companies for the correct implementation of the project to be developed according to the customer’s needs.

“We offer solutions and advice to enhance your home or business”​

  1. Event decoration: birthdays, stag/hen nights, dinners, etc.
  2. Personal styling: Decorate your home and don’t throw away your old furniture

  3. Advice: Get the most out of your business or home with one visit
  4. Interior design project: Materials,  furniture, decoration
  5. Ready and go: We manage your project so that you can make it a reality
  6. Collaborations: We provide our services to construction and real estate companies