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Entrepreneurs Guide

Acci Asistencia

Sector: Healthcare Zone: Andalusia Address: C/ Álvaro de Bazán Nº 44, 18500 GUADIX, Granada Contact: Mª Ángeles Casado Casado Tlf: +34958660023 +34625335157 Email: acciasistencia@yahoo.es Web: http://www.acciasistencia.es/index2.php

Acci seeks to ensure that elderly dependents live in their usual environment for as long as possible by providing them with the necessary means. To develop or maintain their autonomy by providing them with the necessary support to make this possible. To encourage healthy habits such as nutrition, hygiene, physical exercise, etc., and behaviours to improve the user’s quality of life, respecting the individuality and decisions of the person.

Services provided:

  • Care activities.
  • Support activities.
  • Educational activities.
  • Socialisation and companionship activities.
  • Laundry, sewing and ironing.
  • Meal preparation.
  • Training, occupational, educational and leisure workshops.
  • All activities that are prior to, derived from or complementary to the above.