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Sector: Zone: Address: C/san antonio, 9 06310 puebla de Sancho Pérez, Badajoz Contact: Mª Carmen Porras Tlf: +34640614258 Email: export@aceitesclemen.com Web: https://www.aceitesclemen.com/es/

The history of this company starts in 1942, when our grandfather acquire and put into operation the current oil mill, turning already then, in the elaboration of quality Virgin Olive Oil. Clemen comes from Clemencia, our mother’s name and the first registered trademark in the 70’s. From a modern, updated and committed perspective, we wish to preserve our family tradition in the production of an extra virgin olive oil that uses olives from the olive trees of our neighbours in the town and neighbouring villages. This extraordinary blend makes the coupage of our oil a liquid gold that makes it one of the best oils in the province of Extremadura.

Our company is aware of the importance of preserving the environment and taking care of the impact on production and marketing. For this reason, workers are from the area, more than half of the suppliers are from the city of Badajoz, all the olives used are within a radius of less than 20km, the waste is managed without dumping of any kind, the residual olive leaf is used for the sheep of the farmers and the by-product of the oil extraction is deposited in an extractor less than 10 kilometres away.