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Actual Sthetic

Sector: Personal image Zone: Andalusia Address: 18800 Baza, Granada Contact: Josefina Rubio Caler Tlf: +34958860510 Email: fina_actualsthetic@hotmail.com Web: http://www.actualstheticbaza.com/

Aesthetic medicine, botox, corrections, expression lines, tightening threads, mesotherapy, reaffirming treatment, cellulite, photo epilation, photo rejuvenation, emotional acupuncture, hypnosis, integral aesthetics, body-piercing, tattoo, micro-pigmentation, etc.

Services provided

Aesthetic medicine for facial and body enhancement, natural emotional and pain complementary medicine treatments, cosmetic service for every skin type, body decoration tattoo and piercing and corrective semi-permanent facial and body make-up.