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Entrepreneurs Guide

Aerial Dreams

Sector: Sports Zone: Andalusia Address: C/ Trastámara, nº 31. 41001. Sevilla. Contact: Sandra y Silvia. Tlf: +34659057291 +34610875307 Whatsapp: +34659057291 +34610875307 Email: info@aerialdreams.es Web: http://aerialdreams.es/

Aerial Dreams is conceived as a place to dream, where the important thing is the desire to excel and to build around you a turning point from which to change your life. A priori it may seem idealistic but in practice this is something that happens every day, we don’t say it, our students say it.

We are mothers, entrepreneurs and creators of what is probably the best pole practice space in Andalusia. We are also certified and active judges of the International Pole Sports Federation. We go to judge at championships all over the world. In fact, our classes in the studio follow the sporting line set by the International Pole Sports Federation, however, we have not wanted to stop there and we are in continuous training.
Silvia has been certified through the National School of Aerial Yoga as a Basic and Intermediate Level Instructor for example because we also teach Aerial Yoga at our centre, which we have merged with other knowledge acquired by Sandra in North America to create the Hammock Fluidity and Aerial Hoop classes. We are both certified Pole Fitness instructors, through the internationally recognised FIPO system. This is something our students appreciate, as they know they are in the hands of trained and continually evolving people.

We take our own athletes to compete and we are very excited about this world of national competition because we are part of the evolution of the history of pole in Spain.