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Entrepreneurs Guide

Al riad

Sector: Hospitality Zone: Andalusia Address: 41950 Castilleja de la Cuesta, Sevilla Contact: Rocío Fernández-Andrade Marín Tlf: 636707401 Email: contacto@alriad.es Web: http://www.alriad.es/

We have large air-conditioned rooms and a patio (typical Andalusian interior terrace) for the summer season. Diffusion of the Moroccan gastronomy as well as its culture in general. We have large air-conditioned rooms and a patio for the summer season and for exhibitions and catering.

Services provided:

Moroccan breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Events for groups, Moroccan food and Andalusian fusion. Weddings, baptisms and communions. Catering and organization of events, dance shows and Andalusian Arabic music concerts. The rooms are offered for cultural talks, conferences and meetings.