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Albireo, Aula de Ciencia

Sector: Socio-cultural and community services Zone: Andalusia Address: 18110 Las Gabias, Granada Contact: Mª Ángeles Sánchez Pedrosa Tlf: +34690938899 Email: planetarioalbireo@gmail.com Web: http://www.planetarioalbireo.com/

We popularise science. We move all over Andalusia. Our star activity: The Planetarium, we take a portable planetarium to any centre or association. A whole journey through the Universe!

We do stargazing with or without telescopes.

Educational hiking (explaining plants, animals, landscapes), as well as sports. We also prepare “Walking under the stars”, an activity in which we mix hiking and stargazing.

Science workshops.

We have an activity in collaboration with another Company, Factoría de Cocina (Kitchen Factory) called Gastronomy. We mix astronomy and cooking. First, a planetarium session and then, a workshop in which what we cook will have shapes of stars, suns, planets, galaxies…

Services provided:

  • Itinerant Planetarium
  • Stargazing
  • Hiking: Educational, sport, night (“Walking under the stars”: ..Hiking+Astronomy)
  • Scientific workshops
  • Gastronomy: Planetarium + Cooking workshop