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Sector: Crafts Zone: Andalusia Address: C/ San Crescencio 10. 18697 Almuñécar, Granada Contact: Amalia García del Moral Garrido Tlf: +34620261217 Email: alcaller_gr@yahoo.es Web: http://www.alcallerceramica.com/

The production of my workshop is mainly based on the elaboration of pieces on the potter’s wheel, modified with different techniques and on the production of other types of pieces made with the slab technique. I use low and high temperature clays, stoneware and refractory clays, using glazes made from raw materials for their decoration, which has allowed me to develop a wide palette of colours as a result of my research work.

Services provided:

Sale of finished products. Elaboration of designs for institutional and private gifts. Courses organised by the Almuñécar City Council.