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Sector: Waste and Environment Zone: Andalusia Address: Apto. Correos, nº 60. 41210. Guillena. Sevilla. Contact: Esperanza Fitz Luna. Tlf: +34955124686 Whatsapp: +34661393879 Email: tecnico@alguas.es Web: http://www.alguas.es/

This company operates in the CLEANING AND ENVIRONMENTAL SECTOR (both public and industrial).

It is, therefore, a company that provides maintenance and industrial waste management services, and its main characteristic is a great capacity for response in its interventions, based on its own philosophy as a service company, which allows it to be well situated and valued within its sector.

Industrial Cleaning with high pressure mixed driver-suction trucks.

Types of Cleaning: Sewers, water tanks, collectors, olive mill ponds, heat exchangers, septic tanks, flood drains, tanks, degassing tanks, irrigation gutters and rainwater courses, removal of roots from collectors, unblocking of pipes, location of hidden wells with TV equipment, management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

It offers its customers, from very diverse sectors such as the automotive, metallurgical, food, chemical, textile, etc., sectors, a wide range of actions in the mentioned sectors, in order to satisfy their different needs.