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Andalucía Cultural Producciones, Andalucía Sacra

Sector: Audio-visuals. Cultural journalism. Zone: Andalusia Contact: Irene Gallardo Flores Tlf: +34606035538 Whatsapp: +34606035538 Email: andaluciaculturalproducciones@gmail.com / Irenegallardo67@gmail.com Web: http://andaluciaculturaltv.blogspot.com

Andalucía Cultural Producciones is an audiovisual proposal, created mainly to provide in-depth knowledge and professionally publicise the very important cultural and monumental heritage, the plastic and figurative arts, literature, oenology, architecture, bullfighting, craftsmanship in all its disciplines, music, the world of the Andalusian horse, sacred art, bullfighting, ecological heritage and the information generated in the broad cultural sphere of Andalusia.

We create and produce audiovisual works that deal with exclusive and interesting subjects, in which the protagonists narrate experiences and information in the first person, edited with high-quality images.

In each audiovisual or documentary, we feature the participation of important and renowned historians, researchers, anthropologists, artists, craftsmen, painters, writers, journalists, choreographers, sculptors, architects, directors of various social, cultural and political institutions, etc., who with their rigour and experience discuss topics of great interest.

Andalucía Sacra includes cultural itineraries for the interpretation of Sacred Art and Popular Religiosity.