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Animaciones Chispiguay

Sector: Socio-cultural and community services Zone: Andalusia Address: Avda. Imperio Argentina 7, Bl 14, 4ºC, 29004, Málaga Contact: Diana Liñán Berzal Tlf: +34952234743 Email: diana@chispi-guay.com Web: http://www.chispi-guay.com/

“Animaciones Chispi Guay” is a children’s entertainment company that is dedicated to providing entertainment at private events (birthdays, communions, weddings, baptisms…) and to carrying out cultural, educational and leisure projects for both public bodies (town halls, schools, libraries…) and private entities (shopping centres, marketing and event organisation companies, entertainment agencies, theme parks…).

Services provided:

Clowns, sports entertainers, storytellers, theme parties, parades, creative workshops, children’s pets, environmental awareness projects, co-educational and reading promotion for public bodies, toy library service for companies and shopping centres.