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Entrepreneurs Guide

Anuscas Family

Sector: Recycled textiles Zone: Andalusia Address: C/ Santa Clara, local 42. 41002. Sevilla. Contact: Ana Jiménez Izquierdo. Tlf: +34661840893 Email: anuscasfamily@gmail.com / info@anuscasfamily.es Web: https://www.anuscasfamily.es/

Anuscas Family began its activity in 2007, although Ana Jiménez Izquierdo, who is the soul of the brand, had previously worked in the world of textile reuse.

Ana’s experience in the UPCYCLING movement provided the great differentiating element of the ANUSCAS FAMILY brand. Each of the products: backpacks, bags and accessories, are born from a social conscience towards the need for reusing already used clothes. The philosophy of the brand is to give a second chance to these products, which provide, in a certain sense, an “experience” that makes them unique.

The creation of sustainable fashion, the importance of the handcrafted and local production that together with the collaboration with other artists and craftsmen, makes all of ANUSCAS FAMILY’s products part of a new trend called “SLOW FASHION”, fashion with conscience, with character and enduring characteristics.

Nowadays Anuscas Family has sales points all over Spain, Italy, Portugal, USA, Greece and Japan.