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Entrepreneurs Guide

Asen Aranda Atelier

Sector: Fashion Zone: Andalusia Address: Asen Della Santa, Via Collina 18, 6512 Giubiasco-Lôro, Suiza Contact: Asen Aranda Tlf: 682644643 Email: asds@sunrise.ch / styleonice@gmail.com Web: http://www.asenaranda.com/4481.html

For years I have created ice skating dresses for European and world-class athletes. One of the main characteristics required is to combine absolute mobility, resistance and comfort with beauty and harmony, essential to accompany the movements in this hard sport that rather reminds us of a wonderful dance.

The passion that I have always felt for the flamenco world led me to transfer all my experience, knowledge and successes achieved over the years to the creation of a unique and different collection from anything known until now. This is how flamenco dresses in lycra were born, which highlight in an absolute way the beauty and sinuosity of the Spanish woman’s body, allowing a total freedom of movement and practicality never achieved before.

These dresses do not need zippers or laces, are easy to endorse, are adapted perfectly to every type of figure and facilitate in a spectacular way any movement. Yet maintaining the forms, elegance, strength and traditional style that so clearly characterize them.

I have created these dresses for a new woman, strong, elegant, beautiful, self-confident and proud to show off to the world the spirit and strength of her land.

In the same way, my life is not divided between two worlds (Switzerland and Spain) but brings together the best of each to enrich it.

At the end the two waters come together to create a bigger, more powerful and more beautiful river.