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Entrepreneurs Guide

Natural Gis, Lda

Sector: Geographical Information Systems and Informatics Zone: Alentejo Address: Parque industrial y tecnológico de Évora, Rua Circular Norte, 7005-841 Évora Contact: Vânia Neves Tlf: +351 939320104 Email: vania.neves@naturalgis.pt Web: https://www.naturalgis.pt/index.html

NaturalGIS is a Portuguese company active worldwide, operating in the Geographic Information Systems sector. We specialize in QGIS (Desktop, Server e Web), PostgreSQL, the Enterprise RDBMS, and its extension for spatial data PostGIS.
The correct use of databases is very useful for companies that manage extensive lists of customers, participants, associates, among others.


1.       Consulting, Migration to Open Source GIS infrastructures, analysis and spatial data management.

2.       Development, Development of extensions (plugins) and core features for QGIS.

3.       Web development, Custom WebGIS design and development.

4.       Support QGIS (Desktop, Server, Web) support, remote and on-site.

5.       Data analysis Geographic data analysis and map production.

6.       Training, high-quality training, using the latest available versions of Open Source GIS software. We give training with standard or customized contents, open to the public or at the client’s location/venue. We specialize in: QGIS (Desktop, Server e Web), PostgreSQL/PostGIS and Python for QGIS (pyQGIS).

NaturalGIS is one of the few companies (and the only in Portugal) that can give training certified by the QGIS project: this allows us to emit an official QGIS training certificate.

Due to the current situation of the COVID-19, their online training is in high demand and continues to be delivered efficiently online.